As many as 10,000 young fox cubs are killed each year.

Cub hunts are carried out to “blood” puppies bred to replace the THOUSANDS of dogs killed by hunts each year.

We want  illegal hunting to be punishable by JAIL.

And we want hunts to be BANNED from killing healthy dogs.



“The Fox, The Hound & The Human” in paperback.

“An excellent book that explores our relationship with the fox, how it came to be persecuted, and the horrors of cub-hunting. It also reveals the loving side to foxes, and how we can help protect them” – Chris Packham

The extraordinary story of Britain’s most adaptable mammal. This fascinating and often funny book – illustrated with beautiful photographs – asks for us all to get involved and ensure a brighter and cruelty-free future for the fox.

Lovely easy read, beautiful pictures, and useful information at the end for supporting fox charities and anti hunt organisations.” – Amazon review.

Also available on Kindle

With Foreword by Bill Oddie OBE.