As many as 10,000 young fox cubs are illegally and cruelly killed by hunters each year. This represents approximately 40% of all the foxes killed. Most will be just a few months old.

Hunters teach puppies to kill foxes by targeting cubs. Hunts kill thousands of dogs every year, and so breed puppies to replace them. The majority are healthy 6-year olds who are no longer as fast as younger dogs. Some are puppies who simply “don’t make the grade”.

The adult dogs are often shot and incinerated. The puppies can be crushed to death. As many as 8,000 dogs and puppies are killed by hunters in this way every year. (The hunt lobby says it’s “ONLY” 3,000 dogs a year…)

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About Stop Hunting Fox Cubs!

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Check out the amazing fox images by wildlife photographers Lawrie Brailey and Alannah Hawker