“The Fox, The Hound & The Human” reveals little-known insights into this social, family-oriented and playful icon of our natural heritage. It also reveals the cruel, dirty secrets of the hunting industry.

Featuring amazing pictures by two of Britain’s most exciting wildlife photographers, and a foreword from the legendary and irrepressible Bill Oddie, this book is a MUST for anyone who wants to know everything that matters about foxes – and will help you fall in love with them!

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As many as 25,000 foxes are cruelly killed by hunters each year, of which approximately 10,000 are young fox cubs just a few months old. Unlike many laws to protect wildlife and against animal cruelty, the Hunting Act does NOT allow Courts to jail offenders.

Moreover, the law ALLOWS hunts to kill their own dogs – even if they are perfectly healthy, and they don’t even need to get a vet to do it. Hunt kennels will often shoot them on site, and then incinerate the bodies. As many as 8,000 middle aged dogs and puppies are killed by hunters – simply because they don’t want them anymore,

Contact your MP and tell them you want tough jail sentences for people who break the law, and new laws which STOP hunts cruelly killing their dogs.

HANDY TIP: It’s always better to write to your MP, phone them or visit their constituency surgery than just emailing them. MPs get thousands of emails and often treat them as ‘spam’. A letter or meeting has much more impact.





Your Police & Crime Commissioner is responsible for your area’s policing plan, and for holding the Chief Constable to account. They are elected politicians – and answer to YOU!

Write to them demanding tough action against illegal hunters, and that your vote at the next PCC election depends on it!





If you are aware of illegal fox-hunting, have found a fox or other animal caught in a snare, believe a fox has been poisoned or have come across any other instance of animal cruelty, here are some of the numbers you should have to hand.

POLICE: for all illegal hunting – tel: 101

HIT – Hunt Investigation Team: for anything to do with illegal hunting and cruelty to foxes call the HIT Whistleblower hotline on 07562 314444 or email: huntinvestigationteam@gmail.com

Hunt Saboteurs Association – If you believe a hunt is hunting illegally, call the HSA Tip off hotline on 07443 148426 or email: info@huntsabs.org.uk

LACS: League Against Cruel Sports – for illegal hunting or dog-fighting call the Animal Crimewatch hotline on 01483 361108 or email: crimewatch@league.org.uk

RSPCA: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Their hotline for reporting all instances of animal cruelty is 0300 1234 999 or contact via their website: www.rspca.org.uk



Animal Welfare Party – a new political party which is part of a growing number of similar parties around the world seeking to stop animal exploitation and to give animals a voice in the political system www.animalwelfareparty.org

ACIG/AWIS: Animal Cruelty Investigation Group/Animal Welfare Information Service – set up by Mike Huskisson, one of Britain’s leading anti-foxhunting campaigners and author of Outfoxed, Outfoxed – Take Two, and Outfoxed Again: Winning for Animals www.acigawis.org.uk

Animal Aid – Campaign group working against all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty including bloodsports and snares. Carries out undercover investigations, promotes education and sells cruelty-free products. www.animalaid.org.uk

Blue Fox: Conservatives Against Fox Hunting – Conservative Party organisation that has campaigned for the party to drop its policy of repealing the Hunting Act. Counts a number of government ministers among its supporters. The group’s founder has also launched Blue Hare and Blue Badger, which campaign against persecution and culling: www.conservativesagainstfoxhunting.com

Greens for Animal Protection – Green Party organisation that campaigns on a range of animal cruelty and welfare issues, and which promotes initiatives by NGOs: gap.greenparty.org.uk

Green Future News – a campaigning weekly podcast about animal, environmental and human rights issues. Conducts investigations and runs campaigns calling for justice for injured wildlife crime officers and against trophy hunting. www.greenfuturenews.com

HIT: Hunt Investigation Team – Carries out undercover investigations into hunts. It was responsible for the expose into the South Herefordshire Hunt which allegedly showed kennel workers throwing live fox cubs to hunt hounds. www.huntinvestigationteam.org

Hounds Off – helps homeowners, farmers and landowners stop hunts trespassing over their land: www.houndsoff.org.uk

Hunt Saboteurs Association – national non-violent direct action group. The only organisation that works directly in the field to stop foxes being illegally killed by hunts: www.huntsabs.org.uk

IFAW-UK – UK branch of international wildlife conservation and protection charity. It was part of the coalition that helped bring about the fox hunting ban, and continues to campaign to protect and strengthen the law: www.ifaw.org/united-kingdom

Keep The Fox Hunt Ban (Keep The Ban): The main anti-foxhunting Facebook group in Britain. It has a massive 400,000+ followers: www.keeptheban.info;   www.facebook.com/keepthefoxhuntban

Keep The Ban – formed in response to David Cameron’s attempts to repeal the Hunting Act. www.keeptheban.org.uk

LACS: League Against Cruel Sports – one of the groups that helped bring about the Hunting Act 2004 which banned hunting with hounds in England and Wales. It runs campaigns and investigations, has wildlife sanctuaries, and operates an Animal Crimewatch hotline. www.league.org.uk

LAWS: Labour Animal Welfare Society – Labour Party organisation that raises awareness of animal welfare issues within the party, and lobbies for the adoption of strong animal welfare policies. www.labouranimalwelfaresociety.org

NASC: National anti-snaring campaign campaigns against the sale and manufacture of snares in the UK. The group documents incidents, and exposes those who use snares and traps: www.antisnaring.org.uk

National Dis-Trust – the campaign to stop illegal hunting on National Trust estates: www.facebook.com/nationaldistrust

Network for Animals – set up by Brian Davies, the founder of IFAW and the Political Animal Lobby, which was key in helping make the Hunting Act possible. Continues to campaign against hunting of wildlife with dogs: www.networkforanimals.org

Onekind – Scotland’s leading animal campaigns charity, Onekind is working to strengthen the nation’s anti-hunting laws as well as ban snares: www.onekind.scot

PETA: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals  – campaigns against traps, snares and other lethal ‘wildlife control’ measures used on foxes and other animals: www.peta.org.uk

POWA: Protect Our Wild Animals – Voluntary organisation set up by former staff, committee members and hunt monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports. Monitors hunts and campaigns for a strengthening of hunting laws: www.powa.org.uk

RSPCA: Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – Britain’s oldest and largest animal cruelty charity. Runs campaigns, conducts investigations and prosecutions, and manages rescue centres for injured animals: www.rspca.org.uk  Hotline for reporting animal cruelty: 0300 1234 999

Save Me – set up Queen guitarist Brian May to protect badgers, foxes and other wildlife from persecution: www.save-me.org.uk

Stop Hunting Fox Cubs – The main group for those opposed to cub hunting and the use of live cubs by hunts to train their hounds to kill: https://www.facebook.com/Stop-Hunting-Fox-Cubs-1632804053654168/  www.stophuntingfox-cubs.org

Wildlife Guardian – works to expose illegal and cruel hunting practices such as terrier work, and monitors pro-hunt groups. Resources include a current list of all registered hunts in the UK.  www.wildlifeguardian.co.uk